A potato by any other name

A British friend gave me this card and reminded me that in the UK french fries are called chips.

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#snacksverdict: awesome card from Nadine!

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Spicy hit on a rainy day

Pleasantly surprised by how tasty these were considering that other spicy chips don’t really hit the spot.

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spicy hit on a rainy day

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Rainy day pantry soup

It was a dark & stormy night…and I was way too lazy to go out to grab dinner. Time to raid the pantry and see what I could rustle up. Turns out I had the ingredients for a makeshift minestrone soup!

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Seattle Flavors

Found 2 new flavors to try in Seattle

Tim’s is a local brand and I tried their pickles flavor. Not as similar to salt & vinegar as I imagined.

Alas, pico de gallo was a flavor where I only ate 1 chip…

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#snacksverdict: I stopped at just one

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Cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee

A spooky coincidence, I was doing a “Twin Peaks” afternoon by visiting the inspiration for the Double R Diner and then the Snoqualmie waterfalls on the same day the return announcement was made.

Durham Fair 2014

I try to return to Connecticut every year to attend the Durham Fair. I have wonderful memories of the fair – from as a wee tyke on the pony rides to a high schooler enjoying the carnival games to last weekend’s wondering on how to train a llama to go through an obstacle course.

Of course a big part of going to the fair is the food! While glad to not encounter anything like deep-fried butter, I couldn’t resist indulging in apple crisp, fried dough with powdered sugar, and, of course, the “Big Doughnut” that’s the speciality of Durham Fair. As you can see in the photo, it’s almost as big as my head!