It’s Greek to me

This was my first time trying pastichio, which is described as Greek lasagna. The restaurant served it baked in a small ceramic dish with a hearty layer of béchamel sauce on top of thick spaghetti-like noodles in a meat sauce. It was also my first time trying Greek coffee. I sipped it slowly and was surprised to encounter a settled layer of grinds. Guess that meant I was done!

Saratoga Chips

According to legend, the photo chip was invented in Saratoga Springs, NY so it seemed fitting to try this brand of chips.

Verdict: in keeping with the lore, the chips are thinner than other kettle chips but less salty.

Orange you glad to see me?

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Nothing quite like the orange of Cheetos

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Nothing quite like the orange of Cheetos. The orange dust takes multiple washing to rinse off your fingers – but it tastes so good…

#FF – food edition

My Friday Follow suggestions are these awesome food related accounts on Twitter:

It’s heavily biased towards NYC food trucks as Twitter is the main way to find out where they are parked.  Am always looking for good eats – tweet me your suggestions!

Carrot plate

“I don’t carrot all” plate from @crateandbarrel seems fitting for #TGIF.  I’ll probably end up eating potato chips on it.

Cup of Noodles

The mug is an attempt at portion control! #yum

It was my first time making the America’s @testkitchen foolproof spaghetti carbonara recipe. After seeing the episode, that recipe just stuck with me for days until I caved in & bought the ingredients. Yes, it seems like a simple pantry supper, but I don’t normally have bacon on hand. 

Whole Foods’ healthy low-sodium bacon didn’t seem to work very well in the rendering step and was soggier than what was shown in the episode even after the browning stage.  Next time, it’ll be good ol’ Oscar Mayer bacon.

Lentil Chips

verdict: cucumber dill lentil chips were surprisingly good. better than sunchips or pop chips but won’t be replacing @capecodpotatochips as my go to #sundaysnack.