The company decided it was time to add banner advertising to the website.  My role was to learn how to swim in the deep end and oversee the implementation, as well as the ongoing operations.

Although we licensed the advertising platform, DoubleClick for Publisher Premium (DFP), from a third-party vendor, all development was handled internally.

I was responsible for:

  • learning about advertising as an industry (e.g., IAB regulations, trafficking protocols)
  • learning about DFP (both back-end and front-end) by attending Google seminars
  • creating the ad taxonomy for the company website
  • working with the programmers on QA testing the implementation
  • training the internal teams on how to use DFP
  • writing the media kit

Once advertising was launched, I managed all the order trafficking as well as the monthly metrics reporting. Within three years, the advertising sales brought in over $250K/yr with many repeat customers.