Social Media

This social media project was a style challenge due to the creative agency’s youthful flare compared to the non-profit’s more traditional approach. 

When doing freelance project management, it’s important to me that the end client has a seamless experience. In this project, I assisted my client, a creative agency, with developing a social media & email marketing strategy for their client, a non-profit organization. Keeping the lines of communications open was vital to ensure that I was up to date with the other aspect of the agency’s work with the client, especially since it involved the redesign of the client’s website.

My responsibilities included:

  • keeping both parties constantly updated via agency’s Basecamp account on the status of the social media strategy
  • ensuring that the strategy’s scope & timeframe matched the rest of the website revamp
  • learning about the non-profit’s core needs and then providing software & platform suggestions that fit their requirements
  • working with the agency’s technical team to ensure the above suggestions worked with the new website’s structure
  • creating a style guide and marketing campaign calendar